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ERA-Net and ERA-Net+

The European Union and Member States support a broad range of research, development and innovation activities in the field of renewable resources/bioenergy. Achieving more coherence, coordination and integration between and mutual opening of the different programmes and activities is a major objective of the European Research Area (ERA) incepted in 2000. Among the instruments to implement the ERA are Joint Technology Initiatives (JTI), Public Private Partnerships (PPP) and ERA-Nets, the latter specifically designed for ministries and programme management organisations. ERA-Nets support transnational research projects from national budgets. For classical ERA-Nets the European Commission provides support to the networking of programme managers and ministries, for the more recent ERA-Net+ system, the EC gives a premium of up to 50% to the national public support for transnational research projects selected under a joint call.

The new ERA-NET Cofund system combines the ERA-NET+ scheme (1/3 EC share of public funding for transnational projects in one call) with limited EC support for the participation of funding organisations in so called additional activities, e.g. networking or further calls.

FNR participates in a number of ERA-Net activities described below.

Source: FNR/Hardy Müller
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