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Additional activities in ForestValue

WP7 within ForestValue deals with the additional activities in the call. During summer 2018, the decision was taken which additional activities will take place. All partners were discussing and voting on different options, as the big challenge was to distribute the available money most effectively. Deliverable 7.1, “Agenda and timeline for additional activities: Setting up a roadmap for the additional activities within WP7” was finalized and explains in detail the different tasks. The figure below provides an overview of the tasks.

Figure 3: List of planned additional activities
Figure 3: List of planned additional activities

The lively discussions and strong interest by the ForestValue partners on the tasks proved the relevance and importance of additional activities. They provide a great opportunity for evaluation, networking, and collaboration within the forest world. The first big event will take place in the second half of 2019, when MINCyT with a co-lead of FNR will organize an outreach seminar for international collaboration. With the aim to seek for an expansion of ForestValue with international partners, an international workshop “Innovative Forest-Based Bioeconomy for the Future” is planned with keynote speakers from EU and third countries.
In 2020, a workshop (organized by BLE) will take place, where initiatives with complementing scopes as defined within ForestValue will be invited for a workshop to explore the possibilities for a common action, like a joint trans-ERA-NET call, knowledge hub or Thematic Annual Programming (TAP) network, or a major workshop. Furthermore, it is planned to perform a short online evaluation of all projects funded by WW-Net, FORESTERRA, Sumforest and ForestValue. This will enable the forest community to keep track on ongoing and finished projects and to support communication between the respective project coordinators.
Finally yet importantly, an extended final conference will be organized by MINECO.AEI in summer 2022. All ForestValue partners will be invited, as well as representatives of funded projects, representatives from international forest-related organizations such as EFI, FTP, SCAR FOREST and former forest-related ERA-NETs. Project results will be shared and outcomes of ForestValue discussed. A two-day conference is aimed for, preferably back-to-back with a major congress on bioeconomy or another forest-related event.

Vera Steinberg
WP7 lead: BLE, Germany



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