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Commission Expert Group for Bio-Based Products

The Expert Group advises the European Commission with regard to the development of the bio-based products sector by

(1) observing and reflecting in the current policy framework the implementation of the priority recommendations proposed by the Lead Market Initiative Ad-hoc Advisory Group for Bio-based Products,

(2) identifying and discussing demand-side industrial policy actions conducive to the market uptake of bio-based products (standardisation, awareness raising, public procurement, labelling, etc.)

(3) mapping of bio-based products related activities and exchange of good practices at regional, national, international and EU-level.

The Expert Group has also set up three Working Groups:

  • Assessment of the State of Play of the Implementation of the Lead Market Initiative Priority Recommendations
  • Public Procurement of Bio-based products
  • Awareness Raising on Bio-based products

All working groups have issued papers and recommendations which can be downloaded here.

The final outcome will be a report with further priority recommendations for the sustainable development of a competitive bio-based products industry in Europe.