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The FNR has been already promoting community biogas in Germany with its program Bioenergiedörfer. In contrast, ISABEL is simultaneously working in three regions across Europe, located in the United Kingdom (Yorkshire and Humber), Germany (Baden-Württemberg), and Greece (Central and Eastern Macedonia & Thrace). The three targeted countries and regions are notably in different phases of maturity and development, providing a complementary synthesis of evidence. For realising its aims and objectives the project brings together all stakeholders and uses them as a baseline the following three pillars.


Local community

ISABEL is focused on local and small-scale production and consumption of biogas and operates under the assumption that local biogas supply chains are best organised when all stakeholders, including citizens, are involved in the governance and decision-making processes. In support to this vision, ISABEL launches local interventions with the aim to create new and support existing biogas communities in co-developing and testing different cooperative models, tailored to local contexts.

Project ISABEL - Local community


ISABEL is striving to empower communities to realize their local vision by providing them with:

  • Expert advice and information on all aspects of AD (anaerobic digestion) Biogas and community energy
  • A digital collaborative platform and specialized tools for planning and development
  • Hands-on collaboration and innovation workshops and events (36 events in total)
  • Targeted awareness campaign and online presence (reaching >3000 stakeholders)
  • Access to policy-makers and authorities
  • A platform to share knowledge and resources with similar initiatives across Europe

Project  ISABEL - emPOWErment

Sustainable biogas

ISABEL promotes Biogas produced through Anaerobic Digestion (AD) of organic and agriculture residues. This process is considered to be fully sustainable as it includes a clear set of advantages:

  • It can function on 100% organic material
  • It is a zero-sum GHG emissions process
  • It produces usable by-products
  • It is suitable for small-scale production
  • It is synergistic with other renewables (e.g. solar and wind)
  • There is a plethora of alternative uses for the Biogas




Project ISABEL - Sustainable biogas
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