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More and better designed national public support for energy technology Research & Innovation

The project “SMARTSPEND” is funded through the European Research and Innovation Programme Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement No 826044. The project duration is three years (December 2018 to November 2021).

SMARTSPEND is based on two pillars, the “synergies” pillar and the “financial strategies” pillar. The “synergies” pillar represents the support the SET Plan implementation. SMARTSPEND brings together all the non-nuclear energy sectors for a focused discussion on their common interests around technology development and non-technology barriers to the uptake of their technologies. This will enable funding bodies to create programmes designed for the overall collective interest of all clean energy technologies. At the same time, the various implementation groups of the SET Plan are involved, so that synergies between the implementation plans can be identified and used.

The “financial strategies” pillar merges energy sectors to discuss their common needs for financing, and compare the way in which each federates its European energy R&I interest and presents it to the Commission.

The messages from discussions under both pillars are brought to the attention of high-level government officials (ideally ministers) via the so-called SMARTSPEND’s ‘Roadshow’, which has been started at the end of 2019. In addition, the project fosters the awareness of the EU’s soft loan scheme for energy innovation, EDP Innovfin, and of ETS Innovation Fund. Both can complement national or European grants.

SMARTSPEND is organising the “Access to Risk Finance Conference” on 30 September 2020 (online) for energy technology developers and managers of public and private financing or funding schemes. Knowledge of the schemes’ opportunities will be spread widely. The SMARTSPEND consortium has the ideal make-up to reach deep into the community of stakeholders behind each SET Plan energy technology. Leading organisations behind the few technologies not represented in the consortium have sent letters of support to the proposal indicating they will use other funding to join SMARTSPEND’s activities.

FNR’s main task is to liaise with ETIP Bioenergy.


FNR contact persons: Philipp von Bothmer and Thies Fellenberg



This project has received funding from the the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 826044.





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