International Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e. V.


BBI 2018.SO3.D5


Produce sustainable and cost-efficient high-performance functional ingredients from alternative sources (IA-DA)

Specific challenge: Boosted by the increasing world population and the subsequent growth in demand for functional products for food, feed, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, pharma, etc., industry and academia are looking at alternative sources for bio-active ingredients that can provide functionality.
In looking at alternative sources, R&I efforts have been focusing on secondary biomass sources such as agro-food residues and alternative primary biomass sources like algae, microorganisms and invertebrates. However, to-date none of them has been able to establish itself as a large-scale alternative to food crops due to cost, technology readiness and regulatory hurdles.
The seasonality and high variability in the composition of some potential alternative feedstocks (such as residual biomass from agricultural, food or forest sectors, or seasonal aquatic biomass) are preventing them from being a sustainable source of bio-active compounds.
The specific challenge of this topic is to help meet the increasing demand for high-performance functional ingredients for various applications through the use of sustainable alternative sources.

Identifier: BBI 2018.SO3.D5

Deadline:  06.09.2018

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