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BBI 2018.SO3.R9


Develop functional molecules for bio-based coatings outperforming existing products and meeting market requirements (RIA)

Specific challenge: The global market for coatings is changing and growing as the requirements for the properties and performances of end-products (durability for packaging, wear resistance in machinery, etc.) become more demanding.
These changes open up interesting market prospects for bio-based coatings or coatings including bio-based components. However, generally speaking these coatings are not yet able to compete with traditional synthetic products on technical properties or cost. Although many research activities have been focusing on improving the characteristics of bio-based coatings, increasing their market share to meet new demand and to replace synthetic coatings is only just beginning.
Work to develop bio-based products to match the new high-performance requirements for coating applications should be speeded up to fill the projected gaps in quality and quantity.
The specific challenge of this topic is to employ bio-based formulations to meet the market requirements for the properties and performances of products used in coating applications.

Identifier: BBI 2018.SO3.R9

Deadline:  06.09.2018

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