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BBI 2018.SO4.S3


Identify opportunities to promote careers, education and research activites in the European bio-based industry (CSA)

Specific challenge: Crossing the boundaries between existing and new industrial sectors and involving partners in a variety of fields entails working in areas where different academic disciplines cross paths and in diverse teams to speed up innovation. Adequately skilled people will be needed to operate innovative value chains while establishing and sustaining a bio-based industry in Europe. The biobased industry is looking to forge a true partnership with academia that delivers the right skills for the 21st century. This partnership should also raise the profile of career opportunities in the biobased industry and related academic fields. In recent years a number of sectors have carried out many activities and programmes to address a
rising skills mismatch and prevent a widening skills gap in the future. These programmes are running at the regional, national and European levels. The bio-based industry does not have such programmes at European level. As the bio-based sector is expected to bring growth and jobs, particularly in rural and coastal areas, it could play a significant role in tackling unemployment in areas such as southern Europe, where youth unemployment is high. Often this may require retraining to provide the skills needed. The specific challenge of this topic is to identify education needs and gaps in Europe’s bio-based sector and point to career opportunities in research and the industry.

Identifier: BBI 2018.SO4.S3

Deadline:  06.09.2018

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