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IEA - Technology Collaboration Programme Advanced Motor Fuels

Since December 2009, FNR represents Germany in the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) on Advanced Motor Fuels (AMF).

The AMF aims to promote research, development and market introduction of advanced transport fuels as well as to provide a platform for information and discussion. The fuels studied in the frame of the AMF include alcohols, ethers, esters, gaseous fuels (natural gas, biogas, hydrogen), synthetic fuels, fuels for new types of engines and fuel cells.

In addtion to fuels and their value chains, the TCP addresses research on engines and on systemes for exhaust treatment.

At the moment, 15 countries participate in the the AMF and its activities in areas such as particle emissions, standardisation, environmental impacts and alternative raw materials.

Further information: IEA-AMF

Annual Reports


German contact persons: Dr. Wibke Baumgarten, FNR and Birger Kerckow, FNR




International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) Advanced Motor Fuels (AMF)
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