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Join the MoniFun Stakeholder Community

Are you engaged in the forestry sector or passionate about the sustainable management of Europe’s forests? We are inviting stakeholders like you to support the design of a monitoring system that consolidates both publicly available and previously inaccessible raw data for various aspects of forests mulitfunctionality into a unified platform.

To effectively tailor this tool and ensure it meets your needs, we are building the MoniFun Stakeholder community. This community will play a pivotal role throughout the MoniFun project, providing valuable feedback and co-creating the blueprint for this monitoring system.

This is your opportunity to influence the future European monitoring framework for the multifunctionality of forests.  This system will serve as a valuable resource for stakeholders seeking insights into forest multifunctionality and will support evidence-based policymaking for addressing environmental challenges.

Get Involved: Start by taking our quick, 5-minute Stakeholder Identification Survey.

MoniFun is funded under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under project no. 101134991

FNR contact: Vanaja Vankayalapati