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MoniFun at IUFRO World Congress

The MoniFun team is happy to be part of this year’s IUFRO World Congress in Stockholm, Sweden (24. - 29. June 2024), a key event for forest science experts globally. Our researchers are ready to share important findings with the world, helping to advance how we understand and manage forests in Europe.

Here’s what our team is focusing on:

  • Cleo Orfanidou is exploring new ways to model carbon in forest, aiding climate change strategies. More details can be found here
  • Christian Temperli is discussing the economic side of forestry, specially how we can manage forests for ecosystem services and compensate financially using data from Swiss foresters.
  • Lauri Mehtätalo is presenting how gaming can help learn about forests‘ role in climate mitigation and is also talking about collaborative efforts to monitor forest multifunctionality in Europe.
  • Minna Räty is examining the future of forests and forestry, and exploring ways to balance wood production with biodiversity.
  • Nikolai Knapp is presenting on mapping tree mortality across Germany to assess forest health.
  • Martin Behrens will be at the exhibition hall with informative materials about the MoniFun Project.

Our participation is crucial for fostering international collaboration and ensuring our project aligns with the best global practices in forestry. Through this event, MoniFun not only increases its visibility but also shares valuable knowledge, contributing to a European blueprint for monitoring forest multifunctionality.

MoniFun is funded under the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under project no. 101134991

FNR contact: Vanaja Vankayalapati