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After four years of project activities the project ran out on 30 November 2012.
48 months of project activities brought expected and unexpected results and achievements. Partly, these results will have a further impact in the CENTRAL EUROPEAN bioenergy political framework. The foremost objective of 4Biomass was to support the Central European Member States in their implementation of the national Renewable Energy Action Plans, foster biomass and increase the share of bioenergy in CENTRAL EUROPE.

60 recommendations for CENTRAL EUROPE – Transnational Action Plan for a coordinated and sustainable bioenergy development in CENTRAL EUROPE
25 Demoprojects for CE – sustainable examples of bioenergy applications
13 Central European Bioenergy Centre - Transnational networking in bioenergy
3 Transnational Forums - Forum for transnational cooperation
5 regional workshops for investors – know how by show how
1 transnational field trip – Polish mayors visiting Lower Austria

Results of 4Biomass will be used to set up the Danube Region Strategy
The Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will use results and knowledge from the 4Biomass project when developing a Biomass Action Plan for the Danube region.
Heat incentive in Czech Republic
In the Czech Republic a heat incentive for use of renewables in district heating was introduced. The 4Biomass partner, CZ Biom, was decisively involved in the setting of the measure. CZ Biom could use the results of the 4Biomass project as arguments for the measure.
Revision of Polish bioenergy frameworks
The Polish partner of 4Biomass, AGH University of Science & Technology is involved in the revision of the Polish support scheme for bioenergy and will apply the project results into the revision discussions.

The partners of the 4Biomass network are continuously active on the field of bioenergy in CENTRAL EUROPE and engaged in national as well as in European networks. The partners have developed project ideas and applied for several further projects and activities and the network aims to develop a joint project proposal applying for European Regional Funds.
The project home page and all project publications will be online available for the next three years. To read more about the project and its achievements, please visit the project home page


This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.

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