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Agriculture and Energy Efficiency

Eight partners participated the project AGREE in 2011-2013. The objective of the project was to bring the subject of Energy Efficiency (EE) in Agriculture on a transnational research agenda.
After two years of intensive data collection and stakeholder interactions, several publications are available for the public, including an initial inventory on the state of the art of EE in agriculture, an inventory of measures to increase EE, reports on the analysis of drivers and stakeholders and a comprehensive analysis of case studies on economic effects of EE measures. Additionally, based on six national stakeholder meetings, R&D themes were identified and prioritised during a transnational stakeholder meeting in Athens in June 2013. The work resulted in recommendations for 11 R&D priority areas that would support more energy efficient agriculture. The research topics are elaborated in the Agenda for Transnational Cooperation (ATC).
To ensure implementation of project results, a link has been created with a European network of researchers (ENGAGE) and the European Society of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng). Additionally, AGREE has established a close link with the Collaborative Working Group on Agriculture and Energy. This group is embedded in SCAR  and the KBBE-Net and is thus positioned to translate the AGREE agenda, into commitment for effective R&D on energy efficiency.

Further information can be obtained from the official project website.