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Coordinating research and innovation of jet and other sustainable aviation fuel

CORE-JetFuel was aimed to set up a European network of excellence for alternative fuels in aviation to bring together technical expertise and provide an integrated approach to alternative aviation fuels including regulatory aspects, research, deployment and economics. One of the main objectives of the CORE-JetFuel project was to provide the European Commission with recommendations concerning its funding strategy with respect to R&I activities in the field of alternative aviation fuels. CORE-JetFuel provided essential decision and strategy elements to achieve the best returns from future research and innovation actions in the field of sustainable aviation fuels within the constraint of uncertainty inherent to the nature of science and innovation.

In order to achieve this objective, the CORE-JetFuel project conducted a twofold assessment along the entire value chain of alternative aviation fuels. On the one hand, the performance of selected renewable jet fuel production pathways was evaluated in terms of their environmental and social sustainability, the maturity of feedstock production and conversion, the overall production potential as well as their economic viability. On the other hand, the R&I project ‘landscape’ of renewable jet fuels was evaluated in order to highlight needs in research.

In addition, deployment and certification initiatives as well as policies and regulations addressing alternative aviation fuels at Member State, European and international level have been analysed with the objective of identifying the main barriers to renewable jet fuel production and deployment. The project’s assessment activities and derived recommendations were presented to and discussed with experts in the field on occasions of the numerous CORE-JetFuel workshops that took place over the entire project duration, thereby safeguarding transparent results and minimizing potentially biased recommendations as much as possible.

Based on the assessment work and the recommendations derived from it, the CORE-JetFuel Consortium developed a set of roadmaps that feature targets for all of the project’s thematic domains for the short-, medium-, and long-term. These targets refer to potential breakthroughs in research and development of the assessed renewable jet fuel value chains that have to be achieved in the Consortium’s view, and to deployment and approval targets as well as strategic policy milestones.

The CORE-JetFuel project provided the European Commission with a detailed overview of current R&D activities in the field of alternative aviation fuels and presented, where appropriate, recommendations with respect to future funding strategies. These recommendations are based on  a holistic and traceable assessment conducted within the project.

CORE-JetFuel served as a European Center of excellence in the field of alternative jet fuels. As a central pillar supporting this activity, a vivid exchange with stakeholders from the political and industrial sphere, from academia and non-governmental organizations was established. The dialogue facilitated by CORE-JetFuel between the different players enabled building synergies and helped in bridging gaps between the parties involved. In addition, an international cooperation liaison with North American stakeholders was initiated, thereby generating intercontinental information exchange and cooperation possibilities.

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This project received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 605716.





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