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Energy Cluster

Cluster initiative “Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources”: The  Baltic Sea Region Programme launched a new instrument for cooperation between projects, cluster initiatives. Its main purpose is to capitalise the use of knowledge and results produced in the so far approved projects and to increase their visibility. The instrument enables joint dissemination of tools and best practices developed by the involved projects. There were four thematic four different thematic clusters, “Energy efficiency and renewable energy sources”, “Sustainable, multimodal and green transport corridors”, “Innovation in SMEs” and “Baltic Impulse- Saving the Baltic Sea waters”.
Eight Baltic Sea Region Programme projects focusing on energy issues joined the energy cluster, which was finalized in September 2012. The Agency for Renewable Resources represented the projects Bioenergy Promotion and Bioenergy Promotion 2 in the cluster.
All cluster projects and partners had the common thematic interest to work for sustainable energy solutions in the cluster region.

The cluster and cluster projects protect the climate through using

  • Renewable energy (in particular biogas)
  • Sustainable technologies
  • Resource saving in buildings
  • Energy efficiency in urban context

All cluster projects and cluster partners agree to show the possibilities for cooperation in the field of energy,

  • to enhance the network to intensify cooperation between the cluster projects,
  • to make the project results visible in a bigger framework like an eco region and spread them in a wider context,
  • to inform about the common interests and results in the energy field and to reach decision makers and politicians,
  • to inform about the best results of the projects and the cluster products and deliver them in international meetings and on a common platform