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Solid biomass

At present, the most important bioenergy source is wood. Wood has been used for heating since the dawn of humankind and Germany has a long tradition in this field. Nowadays, once again, every fourth German household is heated using wood. Each year, around 34 million cubic metres of wood are burned for heating, in the form of firewood (typically logs), wood chips, pellets and briquettes, in a total of approx. 16 million domestic fire units. The most significant wood based fuel is firewood from the forest, at over 22 million cubic metres – often sourced and collected by the end-users directly. Yet wood from one's own garden or from landscape conservation activity also merits mention, as do untreated used wood, remnants of logs from saw-mills, wooden briquettes and wood chips sourced from forest wood.

If you would like to know more about bioenergy, please follow this link to the automatically translated pages.


Source: FNR/Zdenka Hajkova
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