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Stoves and boiler stoves

Stoves and boiler stoves, but also other single-room fireplaces such as masonry heaters, clay stoves, tile stoves, wood-fuelled cookers etc. are highly popular; nowadays hardly any new house does not feature such a single-room firing installation. With high fuel prices for oil and gas they can substantially reduce heating costs. In quantity terms, it is single-room fire units that are of greatest market significance, such as stoves and boiler-stoves, which are increasingly also offered and in demand as water-operating models that support the home's heating operation. In households of working people, stoves and boiler stoves are the first choice, because shortly after they are started up they provide a beautiful interplay of flames and also cosy warmth.

For houses occupied all day, e. g. homes occupied by two or more generations, the spectrum on offer includes masonry heaters, clay stoves, heavy tile stoves and soapstone stoves, as well as other thermal-storage heating systems. Ignited in the morning and supplied with a good pile of wood, it takes a certain amount of time before the stove mass heats up, but then it exudes pleasant radiant warmth during the whole day.

The total quantity of single-room fire units currently amounts to approx. 15 million installations; over the last years, annual sales of stoves have been approx. 300,000–500,000 units. There is a wide spectrum of prices for single-room fire units, with the points of difference usually being in the selection of material and the design rather than in technological aspects such as efficiency and emission levels. Apart from pellet stoves, single-room fire units are fuelled by firewood (typically logs) or wood briquettes.