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Wood-chip heating units

Wood-chip heating units are available for single-family and multi-family residential buildings, from approx. 15 kW heat output. Yet wood-chip heating units are particularly worthwhile if the capacity level is above 50 kW or indeed 100 kW. In many cases, wood-chip heating units are used to supply heat to individual buildings or groups of buildings close to one another (micro heat networks). “Wood-chip heating plants” and “biomass heating plants” are the terms referring to larger wood-chip heating units, employing local heating networks or district heating networks to supply villages or whole streets and neighbourhoods of a city with heat sourced from biomass.

Many operators of wood-chip heating systems have wood available to them: they get it processed into wood chips, with their own chopping equipment or using an agricultural/forestry contractor. Yet there is also growth in the number of biomass stations specialising in the provision of wood fuels of all kinds; in addition, in many instances composting facilities and recycling companies are extending their field of operations to include solid biofuels, marketing wood chips and shredded wood. Thus the option is on offer, also for companies without their own wood resources (particularly those with high fuel consumption), to say goodbye to high and volatile costs for fossil fuels and switch over to a sustainable, stable-priced supply of heating.