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Economic Sustainability

Use of biomass needs to be economically viable because otherwise it has no prospect of long-term success. This does not mean that it is not possible for higher costs to arise during the development phase. Nevertheless, over the medium to long-term, bioenergy needs to be able to assert itself economically, also in comparison to other renewable energies. Above all, the most economically-viable options for conversion must be pursued. The imperative of economic viability is closely related with that of efficiency – often the most efficient processes are also the most economically viable. In addition, careful use of biomass as a resource is a basic prerequisite for sustainability – after all, the potential is great but it is not infinite.
Another economic aspect is the promotion of regional development through bioenergy – the creation of jobs and economic value, particularly in what so far have been rather structurally-weak rural areas. If the use of bioenergy can be linked to economic development in this way, this enhances the sustainability because more affluence creates the opportunity to boost training and investment in modern technologies on an environmentally sound basis.