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ISABEL International Workshop in Szczecin, Poland on 20th April 2018

The purpose of this workshop is to establish and share the ISABEL approach in Europe!

ISABEL is about promoting, supporting and developing community biogas in Europe. The project is set on the development of community ownership, taking the full advantage of the ample societal benefits of local community-driven biogas systems, fuelled and inspired by social innovation principles.

Experts from the UK, Poland and Germany will address their efforts to the question:

How can biogas contribute to the energy transition in Poland and Germany?

The workshop is organized by the FNR (Agency for Renewable Resources) in the West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin where implementation examples will be shared. The following discussion will be led by social innovation experts from University of Surrey (UK).

During the workshop a simultaneous translation is offered in Polish, German and English.

Since the number of participants is limited, the registrations will be considered in the order of their receipt. Registration by email to D.PiedraGarcia(bei)

More information and agenda

To stay informed about the results of the workshop, and to receive invitations for future ISABEL stakeholder activities, don’t forget to sign up our newsletter. More information on our activities and results can be found at the ISABEL Webpage.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 691752.

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