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Modal shift platform for green bioenergy logistics

The modal shift platform of the ENERGY BARGE project, which is coordinated by FNR, has been launched.

The modal shift platform aims to enable a better connected and interoperable environmentally-friendly transport system for bioenergy products along the Danube. The online tool supports the provision of expertise on the transport, handling and storage of biomass. It addresses market actors from the bioenergy and the Danube logistic sectors. For an improved supply and transport of biomass and bioenergy products it offers the following functions:

  • Transnational overview on market actors along the biomass supply chains and logistics in Danube-adjacent countries to find suitable business partners to improve value and supply chains;
  • Easy access to portfolio of Danube logistics and suitability for transport of different biomass products with specific zooming options and spatial identification of ports;
  • Overview of support institutions such as clusters and research institutions to foster aspects of biomass sustainability and cooperation;
  • Option to actively register as a company from the Danube region in either the Danube logistics or the biomass and bioenergy sector and update company data;
  • Dynamic visualisation of biomass trade flows;
  • Background information on the project’s thematic reports;
  • Access to the modal shift handbook for shifting biomass transports to inland waterways.

Currently, the data base contains more than 530 companies from the biomass and bioenergy sector, 66 Danube ports and over 50 shipping companies and ship brokers. Furthermore, 40 clusters and (research) institutions are listed. The data base of market actors allows for growth and development through the option for companies to register and to consequently provide a growing transnational character. Companies that are presented on the platform have the opportunity to connect with other key actors of the Danube logistics sector and stakeholders from the bioenergy and biomass industry to foster collaboration and to establish new business contacts. 

Soon, the platform will also feature a good practices section providing insight into factors shaping the performance of bioenergy actors already using or aiming to use inland waterway transport. The modal shift platform can be accessed via the link



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