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BioCannDo Infohub online: Visit

The goal of BioCannDo is to raise consumers’ awareness about the bioeconomy. This is a major challenge as most people are not fully aware of bio-based products, their potential and how these products can be used in everyday life. As the primary target is the public in general, the BioCannDo communication has been designed to deliver contents about bio-based products and the bioeconomy in a straightforward, engaging and entertaining way.

BioCannDo is using an Infohub to deliver content on bio-based products and the bioeconomy in different formats and through various channels. The Infohub is a flexible networking and distribution model which acts as an information broker of both original and existing information materials about the bioeconomy.

To ensure the BioCannDo message resonates effectively with the general audience a new domain name has been developed for the Infohub channels and the website: “AllThings.Bio”. This brand will be used to identify the BioCannDo materials and editorial production.

Content published on the portal and delivered through the Infohub will focused on the application areas Construction; Home; Catering; Clothing; Gardening and Transport. Users can also search articles according to bio-based materials.

The portal will use both established formats (like journalistic articles, videos, social media posts) alongside new ones (e.g. story-telling, facts and myths and problem solving formats).

As the objective of the Infohub is also to collect users’ feedback, understand their reaction and their level of engagement about bioeconomy topic, our website also hosts “User generated content” based on mini-surveys, comment boxes and science quizes which will be integrated in the new future.

The Bioeconomy Awareness and Discourse Project (BioCannDo) has received funding from the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 720732.

Project Coordination FNR: Martin Behrens