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GBEP Meeting in Rome

From 28 November to 1 December, 2017 FNR participated in the 20th Global Bioenergy Partnership Meeting at the FAO headquarter in Rome. In total ca. 50 GBEP partners and observers discussed the development of bioenergy in the near future and how to proceed from a traditional to a modern kind of bioenergy production. Next year GBEP is about to finalize the implementation guide to the use of GBEP Sustainable Indicators (GSIs) which are related to the 17 Sustainability Development Goals of the UN.

GBEP will be part of the upcoming G7 and G20 summits in Canada and Argentina, and will support the Bioenergy Week in Buenos Aires in June, 2018. Further information on the work of GBEP and upcoming events can be obtained from the GBEP website.


GBEP - Global Bioenergy Partnership

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