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BioBIGG – State of play / Common framework of bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area

The BioBIGG consortium organised its first workshops in Gdansk, Poland, on the “state of play of bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area and the EU” alongside with the second consortium meeting with all partners fron Denmark, Sweden, Poland and Germany. The objective of the workshops was to create a “common framework for sustainable bioeconomy”.
During the workshops it became clear, that the countries in the South Baltic Area have a very different status of their bioeconomies. It is not always the case that those countries have a national or even a regional bioeconomy strategy. Germany for instance, has a national bioeconomy strategy but no regional strategy (that differs from region to region). Sweden plans to publish a national bioeconomy strategy, soon.
The findings about the different statuses on bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area influenced the work on a common framework for sustainable bioeconomy. Due to the fact, that the development of bioeconomy strategies in the member states is different, it will be a great task to create a common framework and possible suggestions to the regions in order to bring forward the bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area.
During the consortium meeting all partners planned the next workshop in January in Lund, Sweden, and a study tour through the BeNeLux countries in spring 2018. The workshop in Lund will serve as a “Mapping Lab” for the partners. Partners will present how value chains are identified and where possible improvements could be made. The study tour will help to find out about the status of bioeconomy in other regions/ countries.

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