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SEEMLA at the EUBCE 2018 in Copenhagen

The 2nd international symposium will take place as side-event during the EUBCE 2018 in Copenhagen on 15th May 2018. All actors who are interested in biomass from marginal lands (MagL) and its use for bioenergy are invited to join us. Participants will learn about the most interesting results of the SEEMLA project, such as pilot experiences or life cycle assessment, share experiences with participants from regions across member states and discuss how to raise the exploitation of biomass from MagL.

Furthermore, our project partner DUTH will present a tool to support MagLs identification and mapping, as well as the assessment of their potential for biomass production during an oral speech on 14th May 2018.

More information including the final program is coming soon.

Do you want to get more information about the SEEMLA project or biomass from MagL? Please click here.



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