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BalticBiomass4Value: The potential of bio-based value chains unlocked

The Interreg Baltic Sea Region project BalticBiomass4Value, of which the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) was a partner, ended on 31 December 2021. The project aimed to produce bioenergy in an environmentally sustainable and economically viable way by utilising new biomass sources for energy production, as well as possibilities to use bioenergy side streams for higher value bio-based products. 17 partners from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Norway and the Russian Federation worked on the project for the last 36 months.

All information from the project is available in the Interactive Online Portal, where users can find a library of business cases and different business planning tools as well as scientific reports.

Main project outcomes:

  • Analysis of market outlook and future viability of different bioenergy products and value chains in the Baltic Sea Region energy system (full report available)
  • Mapping of biomass value chains for improved sustainable energy use in the Baltic Sea Region (full report available)
  • Preparation of good practice business models and example small and medium scale pilot business projects for sustainable bioenergy and the production of bio-based site products in the Baltic Sea Region (full report available)
  • Analysis of regional/local support systems for circular bioeconomy development and preparation of good practice implementation guidelines for public authorities (full report available)
  • Interactive Online Portal (e-tool)
  • Outreach events organised in every project partner country
  • Dissemination of information about the project via the BalticBiomass4Value newsletter, Linkedin, Facebook and the project website

A detailed overview of the project outcomes is available on the project website (Link to article).

In BalticBiomass4Value FNR was responsible for project dissemination.

For more information about BalticBiomass4Value visit:

The BalticBiomass4Value project was funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme, co-funded by the European Union fund ERDF.

FNR contact person: Lena Caroline Huck 



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