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BioBIGG and ScanBalt network October 2020, web conference pre-announcement

As one of the partners in the European BioBIGG project, the FNR cordially invites you to the second South Baltic Bioeconomy Conference. The event is held in cooperation with the ScanBalt network. ScanBalt® MTÜ is Northern Europe’s Leading Accelerator for Inter-regional Cooperation envisioning the region as a Global Hotspot for Health and Bioeconomy. The conference was planned for March 2020 but had to be postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and will now take place in mid-October 2020 as a web conference. Further details will be announced shortly.

The aim of the BioBIGG project is among others the implementation of a South Baltic Bioeconomy Network (SBBN). By cooperating with the ScanBalt network and establishing a bioeconomy working group within this organisation, this objective will be achieved. The working group, formally established in the first half of this year, provides stakeholders with the opportunity to exchange information on current political and economic events related to the bioeconomy, as well as to establish valuable contacts.

During this conference, FNR together with the University of Greifswald (partner of the BioBIGG project), will provide insights on National Framework Conditions relevant for the development of the bioeconomy in the Souths Baltic Region. A summary of the most important national laws and policies in the respective partner countries (Sweden, Poland, Denmark and Germany) and their impact on the bioeconomy will be presented. Furthermore, there will be time to introduce ScanBalt and the recently founded bioeconomy working group.

Stay tuned for further updates on the exact date and time of the conference and the agenda with our guest speakers and topics.

The BioBIGG project is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme, co-funded by the European Union fund ERDF.

FNR contact person: Valerie Sartorius