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BioBIGG Bioeconomy Conference Anklam & BioBIGG Workshop, 6/7 November 2019 Anklam/Ducherow, Germany

On 6 November 2019, FNR organises a workshop on the legal framework conditions for the development of a sustainable bioeconomy in the South Baltic Area. The workshop is organised as part of the Interreg South Baltic BioBIGG project. After a few introductory presentations, participants will join a dynamic discussion on the topic in smaller groups. These groups will discuss issues in agriculture and forestry, waste and energy, the establishment of a bioeconomy network in the South Baltic Area and further suggestions to decision makers in the region. The workshop will be held in English and will take place at the AK1 Hotel in Ducherow, just south of Anklam (Pommernstr. 1, D-17398 Ducherow).

For further information and registration, please contact Hauke Köhn.

On 7 November 2019, the 4th Bioeconomy Conference will take place in Anklam. BioBIGG is part of the organising committee of the conference. The conference will focus on the sustainable cascade use of biomaterials in the region.

Please access the agenda for the conference here.

External participants are highly welcome. Participation is free of charge.
Please register for the conference at

Duration of the project: 07/2017 – 07/2020

BioBIGG uses resources from the European Regional Development Fund.

FNR contact person: Hauke Köhn