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The BIOEASTsUP project organises a peer review exercise “Bioeconomy to boost your business” on good practices for knowledge transfer and business development. The workshop will take place on the 8 December  starting at 14:00 CET.

A peer review is an evaluation and discussion format involving professionals working in a certain field. It does not follow a specific scientific approach, but rather encourages exchange, mutual learning and transfer of good practices. 

The BIOEASTsUP peer review exercise on good practices for knowledge transfer is aiming to share knowledge about the development of effective systems and approaches to improve the implementation of bioeconomy innovative solutions into practice.

Representatives of Citrion, an entrepreneurial non-profit, Greek bioeconomy-oriented start-up company, the Irish-based PhytoTowel, and Slovenian Acies Bio biotechnology contract research organization will talk about their businesses and will share with the attendees their challenges and barriers faced in day-to-day practice. Besides the business case-study representatives, experienced peers will get involved in the discussion to summarize good practices of technology transfer to inspire SMEs from the BIOEAST macro region. Moreover, the role  policymakers can play to support technology transfer and cooperation between research organisations and entrepreneurs to enhance the implementation of bioeconomy initiatives will be discussed. 

The peer review will take place online on the WebEx platform, the registration ends on 7th December at 13:00.  The WebEx link will be distributed the day before the event among the registered participants

The link to the registration is available on the following link: 

More information and agenda here.

The BIOEASTsUP project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 862699.

FNR contact person: Dr. Boris Vashev