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Bioenergy demonstration projects: OPEN CALL FOR PROPOSALS!

Proposals for BESTF3 Joint Call to be submitted until 29.02.2016

BESTF3 is a network of national and regional ministries and funding organisations that wish to invest in industry-led bioenergy projects to meet their strategic aims as well those of the European Commission. The total funding budget of this call are about €22 million. Partners supporting this call are Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and UK. Germany is not participating in this call.

The principal objective of the BESTF call is to fund public-private projects that de-risk bioenergy technologies at demonstration scale and to encourage further private exploitation.

BESTF funds will be used to support bioenergy demonstration projects that fit into one or more of these seven value chains:

  1. Synthetic liquid fuels and/or hydrocarbons and blending components via gasification
  2. Bio-methane and other synthetic gaseous fuels from biomass via gasification
  3. High-efficiency heat and power generation via gasification of biomass
  4. Bioenergy carriers via other thermochemical processes (e.g. pyrolysis, torrefaction)
  5. Ethanol and higher alcohols from ligno-cellulosic feedstock via fermentation
  6. Renewable hydrocarbons through biological and/or chemical synthesis from biomass containing carbohydrates
  7. Bioenergy carriers from CO2 and sunlight through microorganism-based production and upgrading into fuels and valuable bio-products


Within the timeframe of each project, applied research will be moved into demonstration. Funding may also include supporting research and development (R&D) or necessary piloting measures.

Projects must be industry-led and will enable commercial-scale deployment upon successful completion.


Projects supported by BESTF:

  1. Must be at an appropriate stage of development to deliver a pre-commercial demonstration during the timescale of the project
  2. Must address one or more of the seven value chains mentioned under call scope (section 3)
  3. Must involve active participation of at least two parties from two different participating member states
  4. Be industry-led
  5. Industrial partners must be allocated at least 51% of project’s man-months and budget
  6. Will attract 50% public funding

Definition of “demonstration” as taken from the EIBI Implementation Plan: “Demonstration plants are considered the last non-economic step to demonstrate the performance and reliability of all critical steps in a value chain so that the first commercial unit can be designed and performance guaranteed from the outcome of the demo unit”.

More information can be found here.