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COASTAL Biogas – Final Conference

The COASTAL Biogas project, coordinated by FNR, is funded by the Interreg South Baltic Programme and has been working on the use of cast seaweed for biogas production since July 2018. The focus here was primarily on reducing the nutrient oversupply in the Baltic Sea (causing eutrophication) by removing washed up seagrass and algae and using this biomass for energy production. 

After 3.5 years, COASTAL Biogas is coming to the end and conducted its final conference on 9 December 2021 as an online event. The conference highlighted the main outcomes of the project, including insights of improved biogas production processes and environmental as well as economical advantages of the COASTAL Biogas approach. This was supplemented by a vivid virtual study tour, which presented the use of cast seaweed by a Danish biogas plant in Solrød. It further demonstrated the methods for collecting and pre-treating the substrate. Practical challenges and opportunities of using washed-up biomass were further elaborated during a panel discussion with representatives from HELCOM and the European Biogas Association.

The presentations as well as the virtual study tour can be found on the COASTAL Biogas website:

Duration of the project: 07/2018 – 12/2021

COASTAL Biogas is funded by the Interreg South Baltic Programme and co-funded by the European Union fund ERDF.

FNR contact person: Thies Fellenberg



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