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ENERGY BARGE – Newsletter #26

Welcome to the final newsletter of the ENERGY BARGE project, which is coordinated by FNR.

Facilitating the modal shift away from road transport towards more energy efficient means of transportation is one of the central issues the EU faces in creating a more climate-friendly future. Regarding the transport of bioenergy products, ENERGY BARGE delivered important contributions to facilitate the modal shift towards inland waterway transport.

During the past 30 months, the main achievements included the creation of the Modal Shift Platform, the realisation of a series of B2B networking events and the implementation of five pre-feasibility studies for future investments in Danube ports, as well as two pilot investments in the Port of Vienna and MAHART Freeport of Budapest. With this successful track record, the project now comes to an end.

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FNR contact person: Thies Fellenberg


Project co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF)