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ERA-NET Bioenergy at “Highlights of Bioenergy Research 2020”

January 24th, 2020, Graz, Autria

The event "Highlights of Bioenergy Research" presents transnational research and development projects for the sustainable use of bioenergy from ERA-NET Bioenergy as well as current developments and results from IEA Bioenergy Tasks. Exciting lectures on topics such as gasification of biomass and waste, energy from biogas, biorefineries and much more are waiting for you. In addition to directional research and development results, the event provides enough space for exchange and networking in the field of bioenergy research.

The event "Highlights of Bioenergy Research 2020" will be part of the 6th Central European Biomass Conference CEBC 2020 which will take place from the 20th - 24th January 2020 in Graz.

In ERA-NET Bioenergy, national ministries and agencies that own or manage bioenergy research programmes work together in order to improve cost-effectiveness and ensure the maximum research impacts for bioenergy. ERA-NET Bioenergy is primarily coordinated by FNR.

Highlights of Bioenergy Research 2020


ERA-NET Bioenergy


Highlights of Bioenergy Research 2020
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