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EU Tender Study: Biorefinery Outlook and Roadmap

FNR is part of a European consortium, which is investigating the future development of biorefineries in the EU until 2030. The tender study, financed by the European Commission (DG R&D), will investigate the perspectives for chemical and material-based biorefineries. Objectives are the development of a homogeneous classification system for integrated biorefineries and to show the wide spectrum of bio-based products which can be produced in these facilities. The study will also show drivers and barriers for different types of biorefineries and describe the market attractiveness of their products based on different future scenarios. An important aspect of the study is to involve European stakeholders, which should be able to use the results in order to make decisions on the deployment of sustainable biorefineries in the years to come.

An overview of the tender study is provided here:

FNR contact person: Valerie Sartorius


Biorefinery pathways and outlook for deployment

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