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FACCE ERA-GAS: PEATWISE project published a policy brief on climate mitigation measures for drained peatlands

The FACCE ERA-GAS funded PEATWISE project ”Wise use of drained peatlands in a bio-based economy: development of improved assessment practices and sustainable techniques for mitigation of greenhouse gases” published its first policy brief “Policy Brief #1 climate mitigation measures for drained peatlands”.

Seven research organisations from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, The Netherlands and New Zealand work together in  PEATWISE project to explore the potential of various peatland management practices to sustain production while mitigating greenhouse gas emissions across Northern Europe. The German partner in the project Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) is funded from the  research programme “Renewable Resources” owned by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture via the project manager Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR).

This policy brief outlines the mitigation measures tested in the project, presents the PEATWISE case studies, and provides preliminary recommendations based on the results from PEATWISE case study sites in 2017/2018, with 2018 being a year of extreme heat and drought.

Read the PEATWISE Policy Brief