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ForestValue Call 2017 – Step 1 evaluation completed

FNR participates in the current ForestValue Call for R&D proposals and is actively involved in the Call Office.

The ForestValue Call was closed on 23rd January 2018 and in total 114 pre-proposals were submitted. The pre-proposals have now been evaluated as described in the Call Text: first for formal eligibility by the Call Office with regard to mandatory eligibility criteria defined in the Call Text (“5. Rules for participation”) and then by the participating funding organisations for the suitability for national funding in line with the restrictions laid down in the Specific National Rules in Annex IV. After these formal eligibility checks the eligible pre-proposals were scientifically evaluated by at least three international experts with regard to the criteria laid down in Annex I to the Call Text.

Now, in its meeting on 2-3 May 2018 the Call Steering Committee has, based on the recommendations of the independent experts, selected those pre-proposals that will be invited to submit a full proposal (Step 2).

The reply letters are currently being prepared, and all research consortia will be informed of the outcome of the evaluation and will receive a short evaluation assessment statement soon, in any case no later than by the end of May 2018 as specified in the Call Text.