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ForestValue collaboration continued in a new Horizon Europe project ForestValue2

European research resources in the forest-based sector remain fragmented due to multiple uncoordinated activities. ForestValue2’s aim is to contribute i) to the provision of a shared and robust knowledge base to make Europe’s transition to being the first climate neutral continent by 2050 a reality, and ii) overcoming the fragmentation of public research efforts in the EU and to reinforce work on research priorities that call for a stronger coordination and collaboration. Encouraging wide engagement, in particular early-stage researchers and EU widening countries, the CSA will strengthen the ERA.

ForestValue2 brings together 14 owners and managers of national and regional RDI programmes in 11 Member States of the European Union - FI, IE, DE, ES, SI, LV, PL, SK, IT, EE, RO - and in one Associated Country (NO) with an aim to coordinate national and regional R&I programmes by pooling national resources and contributing to the alignment of national research and innovation policies.

The project has four main objectives:

1) Identification of common research and innovation priorities agreed among the participating national and regional R&I programmes in the area of forest-based bioeconomy, taking into account international developments where relevant;

2) Implementation of (a) joint call(s), resulting in the funding of transnational collaborative R&I projects;

3) Implementation of other joint activities supporting the market, regulatory or societal uptake based on forest science results;

4) A multi-actor approach in addressing Global Challenges, including relevant contribution to the SDGs.

Like in the predecessor ForestValue, FNR is majorly involved in the preparation and implementation of the joint call(s).

Six of the partners come from the widening countries, whilst at the same time representing the BIOEAST Initiative. ForestValue2 will address “improving access to excellence” through a portfolio of actions that aim at building up R&I capacities especially in EU13 and Ukraine and Republic of Moldova, to enable them to advance to the competitive edge at European and international level.

ForestValue2 will be a 60-month project with an official start date on the 1st of January 2023.

Stay tuned for more information!

More information: Project coordinator Mika Kallio (mika.kallio(bei)

FNR contact person: Carina Lemke