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ForestValue Joint Call 2021 – Joint selection list of projects recommended for funding now published

FNR, on behalf of BMEL, participated in the ForestValue Joint Call in 2021 as one of 15 funders from 10 countries. Now, after evaluations and ranking of an International Expert Panel and based on the available national funding, the Call Steering Committee decided in its meeting on 15 September 2021 to select eight (8) projects to be recommended for funding.

The joint selection list is published at The projects are expected to start in late 2021/ early 2022 (with a project duration of 36 months). The projects’ total costs amount up to 10.4 M€ with a total requested public funding of 9.2 M€. In the projects, there is involvement of 13 funders from 8 countries (DE, FI, LV, NO, PL, SE, SI, TK) plus involvement of Estonia. Four of the successful projects focused on topic A “Sustainable and multifunctional use and management of forests, to maximize their contribution to all SDGs”; three projects are interested in topic B of the call “Building with wood from various perspectives” and one project has dedicated its research to topic C “Analysis of benefits, synergies and trade-offs in the use of forest biomass”.

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FNR contact person:  Carina Lemke