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IEA AMF Newsletter 1-2020

The latest newsletter of the International Energy Agency's Advanced Motor Fuel Technology Collaboration Programme (AMF TCP) was published at the end of June 2020. This issue provides an overview of current international publications in the field of advanced fuels, legal framework conditions and the current market situation, with examples from Asia, America and Europe. Decarbonisation in shipping and aviation as well as e-mobility are the spotlights of the AMF newsletter: e.g., the use of LNG as marine fuel or the presentation of Canada's fast charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Last but not least, the newsletter provides information on the latest results from AMF projects and activities.

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FNR is contracting partner in IEA AMF and represents Germany on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture.

German contact persons: Birger Kerckow, FNR and Dr. Wibke Baumgarten, FNR