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IEA-AMF Newsletter 1-2023

The latest issue of the newsletter of the International Energy Agency's (IEA) Advanced Motor Fuel Technology Collaboration Programme (AMF TCP) was recently published. With contributions from North America, Europe and Asia, this issue outlines global developments in advanced and sustainable transport fuels.

The focus of the issue is on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). Including news such as the launch of the SAF Coalition by Quantas and the delivery of SAF to Brussels Airport via the NATO Central European Pipeline System are discussed. It reports on the world's first commercial-scale CO2-to-methanol plant starting production in China. The issue also highlights the US government's Inflation Reduction Act as an example of a major policy development.

The newsletter provides information on the 64th AMF ExCo meeting held in October 2022. It also mentions the results of AMF Task 63 - SAF. Finally, the issue includes a comprehensive list of upcoming advanced fuels events.

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