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IEA Bioenergy free international webinar “Integration of gasification processes in biorefineries”.

Thursday, June 30 2022, 16:00 – 17:30 CEST

IEA Bioenergy Task 33 (Gasification) organizes a webinar on how gasification technology can be used in existing industries/biorefineries, by either using waste streams produced onsite or importing specific waste streams and using gasification technology to convert these into additional products. To illustrate the versatility of this approach, four different case studies have been worked out and the results were used by IEA Bioenergy Task 42 (Biorefining) to evaluate the techno economic impact. Join us on the 30th of June, when the results will be presented and all the lead authors of the case studies will be present to answer questions.

The case studies can be downloaded here:
Gasification applications in existing infrastructures for the production of sustainable value-added products

More information and registration. IEA Bioenergy Webinar – Integration of gasification processes in biorefineries | Bioenergy

FNR represents Germany, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in the Executive Committee of IEA Bioenergy.

FNR contact persons: Birger Kerckow


IEA Bioenergy

IEA Bioenergy