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IEA Bioenergy online Seminar – Integration of Biogas Systems into the Energy System

Biogas is a versatile energy carrier which can be used to produce electricity, heat and after upgrading serve all functions of natural gas, including transport. The benefits of integrating biogas into the energy system and how to implement this integration will be presented by Jerry D. Murphy, University College Cork, Ireland, and Jan Liebetrau,  Rytec GmbH, Germany, in a free IEA Bioenergy virtual seminar on 21 January 2021, 16:00 – 17:00 CET.

For more information and registration, please follow this link:

FNR represents Germany in the Executive Committee of the IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Agreement (TCP). Jan Liebetrau is the German National Team Leader of Task 37 “Energy from Biogas” of IEA Bioenergy.

FNR contact person: Birger Kerckow


IEA Bioenergy

IEA Bioenergy