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Argentinian farmers visit FNR

A group of 20 farmers from Argentina visited FNR on 19 August. The visit was part of an “Inspiration Tour Agriculture of the Future” to Germany organised by the German-Argentinian Foreign Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The participants of the group, who also collaborate in CREA (Consorcios Regionales de Experimentacion Agricola or Regional Consortiums of Agricultural Experimentation, an organization of farmers who work in small groups to improve each farming enterprise) learned about the key activities of FNR and the development of bioenergy and bioproducts in Germany. A guided tour to the straw heating plant in Gülzow completed the visit. Key interests of the group were related to the political framework for bioenergy and renewable energies in Germany, as well as to obtain more information about alternative uses of agricultural wastes and residues. The farmers were also interested in regional bioeconomy and the bioenergy village concepts. Their visit to Mecklenburg continued with the bioenergy communities Bollewick und Neustrelitz to learn about district heating from biogas- and biomass-CHP from energy plants and wood residues.

FNR contact person: Birger Kerckow

Argentinian farmers visit FNR
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