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IEA Bioenergy Survey Sustainable Biomass Supply Chains

Bioeconomy development depends on biomass supply. What are your preferences regarding biomass supply chains?

In the context of bioeconomy, biomass is a new “oil” or “base material” that has been conventionally used for production of food and feed, wood products, cosmetics, pharmacy, bioenergy and others. IEA Bioenergy Task 43 focuses on biomass supply chains for bioenergy, but acknowledges expansion of biomass demand to a novel bio-based economy: an integrated bundle of all varieties of new alliances, new value chains and novel products, connecting sectors that were not traditionally driven by market forces. Given the increased biomass demand in a bio-based economy, a sustainable link with production of biomass must be established.

We would appreciate if you would take 5 minutes of your time to share your perspective on what features you would prefer from biomass supply chains for bioeconomy. The aggregated results will be published on the IEA Bioenergy Task 43 website

This is the link:

Deadline: 14th February 2020

FNR represents Germany, on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in the Executive Committee of the IEA Bioenergy Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP).

The German National Team Leader for Task 43 is Dr Jörg Schweinle, Thuenen.

FNR contact person: Birger Kerckow


IEA Bioenergy

IEA Bioenergy
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