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Presentation of Interreg projects BioBIGG, BalticBiomass4Value and COASTAL Biogas at 13th Baltic Sea Forum Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

At the 13th Baltic Sea Forum Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania the Interreg projects BioBIGG and BalticBiomass4Value were presented to other projects within the Baltic Sea region and various stakeholders.
Besides the presentation it was possible to create contacts to other stakeholders and interested parties.
During the workshop the potential of the bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea region became further obvious. Future co-operation and national as well as transnational knowledge transfer will be fundamental to push the development of a sustainable economy in the region.
One aspect, which will support this goal, is the building of a durable network that connects stakeholders within the region. The BioBIGG project aims at building such a network.
On the social network LinkedIn a first group was established: Please ask for access here. You’re very welcome to share your project results and events.
The network (South Baltic Bioeconomy Network – SBBN) will serve as an information hub. It is possible to share project updates and results as well as planned workshops and conferences.

Further, the scope of COASTAL Biogas was mentioned. For more information – please check the project website here.


The BioBIGG project will point out attractive business opportunities for SMEs concerning production of innovative food, non-food products and bioenergy production, based on regionally available resources and innovation potentials. The project will at the same time both strengthen the innovation capacity of the SMEs and decrease pollution discharged in the South Baltic Area, by the means of cross-border knowledge transfer, advisory activities and innovation activities for preparation of piloting and investments.

The Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) leads the Work Package “Building a cross-border sustainable bioeconomy network in the South Baltic area”.

FNR contact person: Moritz Westkämper



The aim of the project BalticBiomass4Value is to enhance capacity of public and private actors within the Baltic Sea region to produce bioenergy in more environmentally sustainable and economically viable ways. This is to be accomplished through the use of new biomass sources (e.g. waste) for energy production, as well as possibilities to use bioenergy side streams for high-value bioproducts. Biomass from various sources, its logistics, conversion technologies and value chains will be mapped to identify best practices of bioenergy generation and the potential of more efficient and sustainable deployment of biomass in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) leads the Work Package “Improving circular bio-economy innovation support services and initiating pilot business projects”. FNR also has the role of project communication manager.

FNR contact person: Diego Piedra-Garcia



The Interreg South Baltic project COASTAL Biogas focusses on the removal of nutrients from the Baltic Sea by collecting cast seaweed to counteract eutrophication. The seaweed will be used as co-substrate for anaerobic digestion (biogas production). Furthermore, the digestate can replace mineral fertilisers and hence, contributes to closing nutrient cycles. The produced biogas can be utilised for electricity, heat and bio-fuel production.

The Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) is responsible for the overall coordination and management of the project implementation.

FNR contact person: Dr. Anne Roßmann



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