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Sustainable Bioenergy: A Circular Approach to EU Strategic Autonomy and Green Transition

The Green Deal Initiative has set ambitious targets for industry, working towards ensuring Europe's industry is climate-neutral by 2050.

Sustainable bioenergy is set to play an important role in the green transition, both improving circularity and reducing fossil fuel dependency. Based on IEA estimations, industry is the sector where the growth of biomass consumption is most dynamic.

As part of a series of local events in the frame of the EU Industry Week 2021, BioenergyEurope organises a panel discussion “Sustainable bioenergy: a circular approach to EU strategic autonomy and green transition” on 23 Feb 2021, 10:30 – 12:00.

During this panel discussion, Bioenergy Europe welcomes industry and policy experts alike, highlighting the successful use of sustainable bioenergy across a variety of industrial sectors, exploring the associated opportunities and challenges, and how the use of sustainable biomass can support decarbonization, increase circularity and ensure resource efficiency.

EU Industry Week is Europe's flagship annual event on the industry, providing a platform to discuss industrial challenges, opportunities, and helps to ensure that policies at a European, national and local level work together to enable European industry to deliver jobs growth and innovation in Europe.


Anna-Liisa Myllynen, Head of Sustainability, Stora Enso Wood Products
Carita Ollikainen, Head of Corporate Relations, Valmet Corporation
Eduardo Cembrano Burgos, Head of the Industry and Energy Department, CIRCE – Research Centre for Energy Resources and Consumption
Luc Pelkmans Technical Coordinator - IEA Bioenergy Technology Cooperation Partnership
Mihkel Jugaste, Head of Quality and Certification Systems, Graanul Invest
Moderation: Giulia Cancian, Policy Director, Bioenergy Europe

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The event is officially supported by FNR, ETIP Bioenergy and IEA Bioenergy.

FNR contact persons: Birger KerckowThies Fellenberg


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