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Partnering opportunity - Networking Webinar

The ERA-NET Bioenergy network warmly invites you to join an excellent networking opportunity on November 29th at 2pm CET which will help you interlink with other excellent researchers and build competitive consortia.

The currently open transnational call “Biomass as an important pillar within energy systems and the circular economy” aims to support innovative, collaborative pan-European, R&D&I projects focussing on technology readiness levels 2-7 (at the end of the funded project).

Public funding would be available for this joint call from funding bodies in Austria, Germany, Poland, The Netherlands and Switzerland. The indicative total available budget amounts to over 4 Mio €.

The ERA-NET Bioenergy Webinar will start on Wednesday, November 29th at 2pm CET. In order to sign up for the webinar, please complete the official ERA-NET Bioenergy Webinar Registration (PLEASE NOTE: By entering your data into this survey you agree that the summary of the survey including your ideas and contact details will be sent to all other webinar participants after the webinar in order to facilitate the networking.) Furthermore applicants need to send three PPT slides including project idea, existing partners/experience and missing profiles by email to Franziska Nych at the Call Office until Thursday, 23.11.2017. During the webinar each participant will have ca. 2 minutes to present her/his project idea and existing or needed experience while the PPT slides are shown. The agenda, total length of the webinar and possibility to raise questions will depend on the total number of participants. A link to the webinar and the agenda will be sent to registered participants on 27.11.2017. A table including all information of the webinar will be sent to all webinar participants after the webinar in order to further facilitate the networking.

Don’t miss the opportunity!


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