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“Pitch Perfect and Boost the European Bioeconomy 2021”

Brussels, 28 September 2021

A joint pitching, matchmaking and networking event: “Pitch Perfect and Boost the European Bioeconomy 2021”, will be held in Brussels on 28 September 2021 from 10am-5pm. 

This event brings together the networks of six important bioeconomy platforms:  Pilots4U, Tech4Biowaste, BioeconomyVentures, Smartbox, Waste2Func and Bio Base Connect. As such, the events guarantees a diverse attendance reaching from investors, SMEs, start-ups, scale-ups, large companies, research organisations, technology providers to organisations offering relevant innovation services such as access to finance, scale-up trials, application testing, business plan writing, feedstock analysis, life cycle assessment, social acceptance, etc..

Participants are invited to submit a pitch application for a 6 minutes pitch. As 6 pitch sessions of 90 minutes each will be organised, organisers are looking for at least 66 inspiring pitches.

More information and registration:

FNR is supporting the Tech4Biowaste project as advisory partner. The project is creating a database providing a complete overview of existing and emerging technologies for bio-waste utilisation and valorisation. More information about the project can be found here.

FNR contact person: Martin Behrens 

“Pitch Perfect and Boost the European Bioeconomy 2021”