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ScanBalt Digital Forum 2020 - 4 September 2020

Towards a common European Health Data Space in times of COVID-19 – bottlenecks and solutions from a cluster perspective. 4 September 2020, 10:00 – 18:00 CEST

ScanBalt Digital Forum 2020

ScanBalt invites more than 30 cluster organisations from 15 European countries to join the formulation of a joint declaration on the necessary next steps to create the Common European Health Data Space. Clusters are invited to draw on the experience of their cluster members such as universities, hospitals, research institutions, pharmaceutical and med-tech companies and start-ups. 

The Joint Declaration will be presented to the ongoing German EU-Council Presidency for its Council conclusions and further recommendations.

The current COVID 19 crises raises awareness of the need of data and best practice exchange and underlines the need for action. To learn and be better prepared for the future, it is important to gather the innovative digital solutions from the different areas of care, for example:

  • Research (exchange of patient-related data in cross-border research projects, for example in infectiology or pharmacology)
  • Patient care and nursing (cross-border coordination of capacities)
  • Use of innovative digital apps (e.g. early warning system for new waves of infection or for monitoring social distancing measures)
  • Suggestions for a fast track approval of digital solutions

ScanBalt Forum 2020 will be held for the first time as a purely digital conference.

The Forum will focus on the examples that are provided by European cluster organizations and will bound these examples together with the help of panel discussions to a Joint Declaration. The Forum, as the Joint Declaration, has four Tracks:

  1. The cross-country collaboration on healthcare between European member states.
  2. Digital solution for the next generation of health research
  3. Digital solutions for a resilient population protection (tracing/early pandemic warning systems etc.) 
  4. Digital solutions for a protective elderly care and health care systems.

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ScanBalt founded and manages the Bioeconomy Working Group, which aims, among other things, to communicate and maintain the findings and contacts of the BioBIGG project in order to ensure an ideal exchange of information and discussions around the bioeconomy in the South Baltic Sea region. Besides that, FNR sees the Bioeconomy Working Group as an opportunity for transnational cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region and to extend partnership towards new fields such as health research and the health economy.

The BioBIGG project is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme, co-funded by the European Union fund ERDF.

FNR contact person: Valerie Sartorius