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SMARTSPEND Kick-off Meeting

In January 2019, the SMARTSPEND project partners met in Brussels to kick off this 3-year-project, running until December 2021. Eleven project partners came together to discuss all work packages and tasks in detail. FNR represents the ETIP Bioenergy within the project.
Many energy technologies are trying to answer similar R&D questions. There may be ways to sequence research in different sectors to enable its impact to be increased. SMARTSPEND will report on the synergies in different technologies’ R&D plans, and on the ways that sectors should organise themselves to access EU funding efficiently. As coordinator of the ETIP Bioenergy-SABS project, FNR is able to support the SMARTSPEND project with achieving its tasks and goals. It will collect opinions of relevant biofuels and bioenergy sector players and will allow the results of the project to be disseminated widely, including analysis of industry funding needs; a map of funding instruments for energy innovation; recommendations for alternative models of sectoral organisation at EU level, and recommendations on supporting innovation in energy technology.
For that matter, a first workshop took place during the kick-off meeting. Its aim was to elaborate on synergies of non-technical issues the different ETIPs are facing.

More information about the project will soon be available on a dedicated project website which is currently under development.